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History This Week

14.09.2010 14:58

A look back at events that made history this week -

compiled by the Summerland Amateur Radio Club of Lismore, NSW

Monday, 13 September, 2010

1736 Death of G.D. Fahrenheit, inventor of the thermometer.

1853 E.G.Otis demonstrates the world's first lift.

1899 Henry Bliss, 68, first person killed by an automobile, New York.

1900 First Australian drama film, Soldiers of the Cross, by H. Booth, Salvation Army.

1918 First direct radio message, UK to Aust. received by E Fisk, Sydney.

1922 World's highest recorded temperature, 58°C (136.4°F), Libya.

1939 Sikorsky flies first successful helicopter the VS-300.

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