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Se asteapta propagare buna in banda de 10 m

25.09.2010 16:22

Working DX, great fun

There's old adage that if you can hear them, then work them.

With propagation improving in the higher HF bands more DX is being worked, and fingers crossed, this should steadily improve in the months and years ahead.

Ever wondered just how many DXCC entities or countries are on air at any one time?

Well, according to the Amateur Radio Cluster Network last week there were 211 countries active out of the 338-odd DX entities listed.

Propagation will not instantly favour all of them from your QTH, but if they
were easy DX would not present a challenge.

With regular chasing of DX, it should be within the reach of most to achieve the DX Centenary Club Award that requires confirmed contacts with 100 DX entities.

A number of Australian and British Foundation Licensees are actively chasing DX with some success.

The big promise for them comes at the peak of the sunspot cycle when the 10-metre band opens up regularly and DX can be worked on 5-watts with a reasonable antenna.

In the meantime there are lots of opportunities. The Oceania DX phone contest being next Saturday and Sunday the 2nd and 3rd of October is ideal to score new countries while improving your operating skill.

If you're new to contesting, then read the rules to get a sense of it.

Why not set yourself a personal challenge of getting on air and seeing how many DX contacts you can log?

Do enjoy DXing!


Jim Linton VK3PC

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