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24.09.2010 17:15


Amateur Radio can prevent age-related dementia

In an article appearing in the American Chronicle, ham radio enthusiast Daniel Taverne, KE5UTN suggests that amateur radio might help to prevent dementia.

Daniel's article begins:

Dementia, simply put, is a decline of mental ability, usually associated with age. Folks with dementia typically have problems functioning and performing activities of daily living.

Well, a Study in Sweden suggests that mentally and socially stimulated people reduce their risk of this diagnosis.

Data from the 1987–1996 Kungsholmen Project, a longitudinal population-based study suggests that "stimulating activity, either mentally or socially oriented, may protect against dementia, indicating that both social interaction and intellectual stimulation may be relevant to preserving mental functioning in the elderly."

Wouldn't you agree that we Amateur Radio operators are mentally and socially stimulated? I know I am. Both on and off the air, we hams have plenty to do, and plenty of fine folks to do it with.

You can read the full article by Daniel at:

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